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Itead SONOFF Slampher R2 WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb E27 Wireless Lamp Holder

Itead SONOFF Slampher R2 WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb E27 Wireless Lamp Holder

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Itead SONOFF Slampher R2 WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb E27 Wireless Lamp Holder is a high-performance, energy efficient and widely used LED product.

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Take control of bulbs via your phone.

Communicate with bulbs to turn on/off with your voice.

Arrange a time to make the bulb turn on/off at their owns.

Set a smart scene to allow more SONOFF devices intelligent, not just bulbs.

LAN control makes it possible to control bulbs under the no Wi-Fi connection condition.

Share bulbs to your friends or family to control.

Compatible with IFTTT function to let one action trigger another one.

Power-on status ensures bulbs remain the status before power cut after the electricity system is restored.

Package Included: 

1 Piece of LED Controller

Itead SONOFF Slampher R2 WiFi Smart  LED Light Bulb Holder E27 Wireless Lamp Holder 433MHz RF/APP/Voice Control For Smart Home

SlampherR2 is a Wi-Fi Smart Lamp Holder with E27 screw base is used to turn your traditional bulb into a smart bulb, giving you the ability to control it with your phone or voice when pairing with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Furthermore, it allows SONOFF RM433 remote controller to control. Support timing function to turn on or off automatically at the time you preset, to reduce the needless electricity consumption. With SlampherR2 smart lamp holder, the connected bulb can be turned on or off via your phone, some other devices pairing with the eWeLink App are also turned on or off. That’s smart scene function. Other features like IFTTT, LAN control, share control and power-on status are also available. Follow SlamphR2 to ease into your basic smart home!



RF Control Available

With a 433.92Mhz RF receiver module build-in, it can be controlled by the 433Mhz remote controller


Sync Status

Real-time device status can be provided on eWeLink App in order that you can track status change of your devices


Hands-free Voice Control

Compatible with Alexa & Google Home, the smart switch allows you to control lights on/off with your voice


Share Control 

Share control of your home appliances to your family or friends so that they can also control the devices remotely


Auto-on/off At the Scheduled Time

Set a timer for the bulb to make it turn on/off automatically


LAN Control

When the router is not connected to the network, you can still control the device switch through the APP. Note: The phone and device must be connected to the same router


Support IFTTT Control

By connecting"eWeLink Smart Home" on IFTTT App, you own unlimited possibilities to control SONOFF devices with utilization of IFTTT supported app and services



Product Details:



CE and RoHS approved


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