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LTECH Triac CC Intelligent LED Dimmable Driver

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LTECH Triac CC Intelligent LED Dimmable Driver

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LTECH Triac CC Intelligent LED Dimmable Driver a high-performance, energy efficient and widely used LED product.

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Package Included:

1 Piece of LTECH Triac CC Intelligent LED Dimmable Driver

1 Piece of User's Manual

SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_1
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_2
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_3
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_4
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_5
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_6
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_7
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_8
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_9
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_10
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_11
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_12
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_13
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_14
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_15
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_16
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_17
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_18
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_19
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_20
SE_15_350_700_G1T_ 526_WGL_21

CE and RoHS approved


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